Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Renting a furnished apartment

Location information

Do you rent a furnished apartment or house?
If it is the tenant's main residence, the lease is subject to articles 25-3 and following of the law of July 6, 1989.

The lease contract is concluded in writing. Certain diagnostics must be attached to it(Sheet 10-2: mandatory diagnostics in case of rental.) Since August 1, 2015, it must be established according to a standard model and an information notice is attached to it.

The lease has a duration of at least 1 year, and is automatically renewed. However, for a student tenant, it is possible to establish a 9-month lease, which does not renew.

During the lease, the tenant pays the rental charges and bears the rental repairs. Non-rental repairs are done by the landlord.

If the tenant wishes to terminate the lease, he can give notice of one month.

The lessor who wishes to modify the conditions of the lease must inform the tenant at least 3 months before the end of the lease. If the tenant accepts the new conditions, the lease is renewed for 1 year.

Finally, the lessor can give notice of termination, by informing the tenant at least 3 months before the end of the lease. The landlord must justify his refusal to renew by his decision either to take over or sell the property, or by a legitimate and serious reason, for example because the tenant does not respect the rules of the lease.

Elderly tenants with limited resources benefit from special protection.